Best Father’s Day Tech Gifts Under $50 for Your Lovable Nerd

This year, Father’s Day is on June 19. If your dad is a gadget fidler or technological optimist, we’ve got some great present ideas for the nerd that raised you. On Father’s Day, give your dad a gift he’ll love and laugh at all his terrible dad jokes. Then leave him alone, because let’s be honest, that’s probably his ideal dad’s day. Here’s some of our favorite tech gifts for dad this Father’s day.

iGrill Mini ($39.99)

Help your dad take his grill skills to the next level with the iGrill Mini. This Bluetooth connected device will ensure the meat gets to the perfect temperature and not a degree over. It’s single probe, lasts up to 150 hours, features Smart LED for a quick glance at cooking progress, and even exclusive recipes with the iGrill app.


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Satechi Pro RideMate Bike Mount ($29.99)

For the bicycle-loving dad, Satechi Pro RideMate Bike Mount is a must. The waterproof pocket mounts to the bike either vertical or horizontal, placing your iPhone in a secure place that's easy to glance down at for directions and other needs. The front panel is touch sensitive so dad can use his iPhone while it’s in the mount pocket. Fits most bikes and phones.

Star Wars Wood Phone Case ($17.20)

For the ultimate Star Wars nerd dad, check out this wood case with an engraving of the Millennium Falcon. You can get it customized with his name, initials, or a short message too. Choose from Walnut, Oak, or Cherry wood. If this design isn’t for him, check out the rest of the store or order a custom design.

Flic Wireless Smart Button ($34)

This is for the dad that likes to tinker with gadgets. The Flic wireless smart button is just a button — but you can set it up (with the app) to do all kinds of things. If you can imagine it, the button can probably do it. You can assign functions to clicking, double-clicking, and holding Flic. The company partners with many others allowing you to use Flic for Smart Home devices or even to play Spotify.


VR Headset by I Am Cardboard ($29.99)

Get dad the gift of Virtual Reality so he can let his nerd flag fly. VR is really just getting started. The advanced systems are still out of most people’s budget, but VR for the iPhone is far more affordable and a great way to get a taste of tech to come. He can watch Paul McCartney perform in 3D with the Jaunt VR app, visit Paris with the Google Cardboard app, even go on a virtual roller coaster. This particular headset does a good job of cutting out surrounding light, putting it a little step above competing cardboard headsets.

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