The Apple Watch Series 3 Is Here & It’s Cellular Capable

Last year, Apple released the Apple Watch Series 2. The second generation of Apple Watches was a swim-proof model with a GPS chip. But it failed to deliver cellular capability. Well, welcome to 2017! At its fall event, Apple announced that the Apple Watch Series 3 will have a built-in cellular chip. Will you be able to resist the temptation of a cellular Apple Watch Series 3? Let’s check out its best new features.

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Apple Watch Series 3: What’s New?

  • Built-in cellular with an electronic SIM card that is one-hundredth the size of a traditional SIM card, making it possible for Apple to keep the Series 3 about the same size as previous Apple Watch models.

  • Dual-core processor with 70 percent faster performance and a new W2 chip making Bluetooth and WiF faster and more efficient.

  • Siri can talk now! The new processor makes it possible for Siri to use the Apple Watch Series 3's built-in speaker.

  • The new barometric altimeter allows the Apple Watch to track stairs, skiing, and a whole range of other movement that involves elevation gain.

No specifics on battery life, so we’ll have to see how it holds up. But Apple assures us the Series 3 will have all-day battery life.

How Much Does the Apple Watch Series 3 Cost?

There will be both a cellular and a non-cellular model of the Apple Watch Series 3. The cellular Apple Watch will start at $399, while the non-cellular model will start at $329. Apple Watch Series 1 will still be available for $249 and up, but the Series 2 is no longer available on Apple's website.   

When Does the Apple Watch Series 3 Come Out?

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 3 start on September 15. The Apple Watch Series 3 will be available to buy in stores on September 22.

What do you think of the new Apple Watch? 

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