Welcome my latest app: Video Transcriber!

(A quick note: I know I've published quite a lot of articles in the last 1-2 days – for example, some three yesterday. The sole reason for this is that I, at last, have had some free time – as opposed to the past two years, when I had very little time for writing – and could resume writing. Hope I'll be able as much as back in the good old days of Windows Mobile ;-) ).

In one of my yesterday's articles (see THIS), answering a request from a forum member, I've promised I'd write an application that shows a text editing field next to a video player (with a Pause / Start icon) so that you can easily write a transcription of a video.

My solution is vastly different from the previously existing, third-party app-based approach: you can not only listen to the soundtrack of the video running in the background (with players that DO run in the background), but also see the video itself, have instant and direct access to its controls like Pause / Resume etc. And yes, it's open source (source HERE) so that anyone, in addition to being able to deploy it on his/her iDevice, can check out how it works ;-) Basically, it's very similar to my previous app playing Full HD videos without resizing (that is, without any quality loss, unlike with Apple's own player). The main difference is the added event handling (widget size change via the +/- buttons) and, of course, the text area.

The application's main GUI (after selecting a video from the main list) is as follows:

The video is shown on the left (here, it's my resolution chart video) and the text on the right. (Click the thumbnail for the original image!)

Here, you can increase the size of the video window (and decrease that of the text by tapping the - button (and vice versa with the + button). The app isn't able to save the contents of the text input field but, of course, Select All > Copy does work so you can easily copy the text you entered to, say, Notes.

As with my previous app, you need to transfer your MOV / M4V files via iTunes File Sharing to the home of the app so that they're shown in the file list shown at the app startup.

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