Review: Documents 5 by Readdle

Documents 5 (free) allows users to read, listen, view, download, and annotate almost any content they desire on their iPad. the app is more than just a tool that will help you stay organized; it combines a document viewer with a file manager and a media player. The app is super-fast and looks good with clean graphics. There are plenty of options to use and everything is easy to locate on the app. 

Documents 5 will bring your iPad to life by allowing you to do so many things. You can use it as a reader by looking over at Office documents, particularly word files, spread sheet programs, and presentations. It will also read and annotate pdf files, search within documents (so you can locate that difficult to find piece of text), edit any text file, and read any book or articles.

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Rather than just being a reader, Document 5 also lets you enjoy looking at your photos and videos from that holiday trip you took overseas, watch movies while on a plane or train, or simply listen to your favorite piece of music.

It is a great tool for business as well with many features that allow you to manage your documents. Documents 5 will protect everything with a password, allow you to share files with your colleagues, copy documents from a Mac or PC, and synchronize with cloud systems such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud.

Document 5 is also a good tool for saving important work as it will store email attachments, download documents from the internet, and save web pages so you can read them later.

documents 5 by readdle


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