How To Set Up a Family Reminder

Take out the trash, do your chores, don't forget about your sister's dance recital... these are all things I'm sure we find ourselves saying to our children often. Reminders help keep everyone in the family on schedule without you and your spouse having to remember it all! Here’s how to setup a reminder for the family.

If you have Family Sharing set up, a Family Reminders list will automatically be set up and shared with your other family members. If you are not using Family Sharing or want to share more than one Reminders list, follow these directions to share a Reminders list via iCloud.

To share a reminder with a family member, open your Reminders app and tap Family. To create a reminder, tap + between the lines on the screen and after the cursor appears, type your reminder.


When you tap the blank line and begin typing, you'll see a small "i" pop up on the right side of the line. Tap that to edit your reminder. You can edit the time and date of the reminder, and whether or not it repeats daily, weekly, monthly, etc. You can also set a Reminder for a location.


Review your item on the main screen, and tap Edit if you need to modify your reminder or delete it.

To delete the reminder, swipe left from the main Reminder screen, or after tapping Edit, tap the red circle to the left of the reminder. Select Delete.



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