Which Glass Screen Protector Is Right For You?

Glass screen protectors for mobile devices are becoming very popular, with a variety of manufacturers offering their own take on the product. I had the chance to try out three, each from different brands, and each brings something different to the table.

Armorz Stealth Extreme Lite ($34.95)

At just 0.2mm thick, this offering from Armorz is the thinnest I tested. The company states that each screen protector's chemical strengthening process allows it to exceed the hardness of steel. That scratch resistance paired with a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating makes this a very appealing candidate.


  • Thinness can be an issue (I cracked mine while trying to install a case.)

Z Nitro Glass Privacy ($49.99)

There are a number of screen protectors that offer "privacy" by distorting what's on your device's screen while viewed at an angle, but this is the first glass one I've seen. This tempered glass screen protector is crystal clear when viewed head-on and does a great job of obscuring your phone's screen from any other angle.


  • Any tilt-based games or apps will be much more difficult to use normally

Bodyguardz Pure ($39.95)

Arguably my favorite glass screen protector at the moment, Bodyguardz Pure offers amazing clarity, high touch sensitivity, and flawless performance. At 0.4mm thick, it hardly adds any bulk to your phone. The smudge-resistant coating does a great job of keeping fingerprints at bay and is very easy to clean.


  • None


There are several factors to consider when spending upwards of $30 or more on a glass screen protector, but the price can be justified by the unmatched protection glass offers over plastic. The protectors I tested each have their pros and cons, but the Bodyguardz Pure comes out on top for its clarity and strength.

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