Top Hidden iPhone Features That May Just Change Your Life

There are few things quite as satisfying as discovering a small change to your routine that makes all the difference. The iPhone is full of hidden tricks that give you that feeling of satisfaction, that once you learn, seem obvious. If you haven’t heard of the hidden feature, your mind will be blown. Most iPhone tips and tricks we usually learn by accident or from a friend. But our latest iPhone Life Insider collection includes a full set of amazing hidden features you’re going to want to learn. Keep in mind, however, that your iPhone Life Insider membership will get you a lot more than this collection. For example, if you enjoy our daily tips, sign up for Insider to get a daily video tip; we’ll go over the other features below. From the Hidden Features collection, I’ll feature a couple of my favorite tricks and how-to videos that go along with them. Check out these hidden iPhone tips and tricks that will blow your mind.

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From our Hidden Features collection, I’ve chosen two of my personal favorite video tips.

How to Delete Digits in the Calculator App

You know when you're entering a long number in your iPhone's Calculator app and you mistype a digit or two? You don't actually have to hit clear and start over when all you wanted was to delete one number. While there isn’t a backspace button visible, this hidden trick will do the same thing: To delete digits in the calculator app, simply open the Calculator app (you can also swipe up and open Control Center for quick access) and type in a number. To delete individual digits, swipe over the numbers (left or right, it doesn't matter which direction). Each swipe will delete another digit until you reach zero.

Shake to Undo in Mail & Messages

When Autocorrect fails you or a message arrives that renders the lengthy epistle you just typed irrelevant, you can easily delete entire messages or emails. Or you can recover typing you accidentally deleted or an email your misfiled. To delete what you've typed, just give your iPhone a gentle shake and the Undo Typing menu will pop up. Select Undo. If you want to recover typing you just deleted, give your phone another shake and the Redo Typing menu will pop up.

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