iPhone Photography Tips & Tricks: Learn How to Take Better Pictures

The iPhone camera keeps getting better and better, which makes us all want to improve our photography skills, whether we’re using an iPhone 6 or the fancy iPhone 7 Plus with its dual lens. But all the high-tech features won’t save your photos alone. Getting a foundation in iPhone photography techniques can help you take professional pictures on your everyday device, which is why we at iPhone Life have partnered with iPhone Photography School to bring you a comprehensive guide for beginners and advanced users alike. You’ll learn how to properly focus your iPhone camera, set exposure for well-lit pictures, use lighting to your advantage, and much more. When you become an iPhone Life Insider, you’ll get immediate access to this and all of our other awesome guides, as well as all the usual benefits of an Insider subscription.

With the iPhone Photography guide, you’ll learn how to go from taking simple snapshots to masterfully capturing moments in unique and creative ways. We wanted to bring you the highest quality content possible, which is why we partnered with the experts at iPhone Photography School for this one. In the guide, course leader Emil Pakarklis will teach you tips and tricks for handling your iPhone camera with ease and skill. If you’re ready to get started, visit iPhone Life Insider and snatch up your subscription to get immediate access to all our courses. The picture below gives you a snapshot of many of the great benefits of an Insider subscription, which we’ll go over in detail below.

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iPhone Photography Guide: Take Exceptional Photos on Your iPhone

Now let’s jump into a sneak peak of the iPhone photography Guide. You'll have to wait to see the content within, but here we've shared the introductory video (with the amazing Donna Cleveland, editor-in-chief here at iPhone Life), which will walk you through all the sections of the guide and what you can expect from each. Check it out below.



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If you enjoy this course from our partners at iPhone Photography School, we know you'll love having access to their complete iPhone Photo Academy. As part of our partnership, they're offering their iPhone Photo Academy course for only $67—which is the best deal they've ever offered!

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