Too Many Apple Watch Bands? Keep Them in the Monochest!

Apple Watch bands have different purposes. The Sport band is particularly perfect for exercising, while you might want a Milanese Loop for special events, and a double tour leather strap for day-to-day wear. Once you’ve acquired multiple bands, the question becomes, “where do I store these things?” Especially since each band is in two pieces, it would be easy to lose one. I’ve seen plenty of travel kits for Apple Watch, but the Monochest ($79.99) by Monowear is the first Apple Watch band holder I’ve encountered.

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The Monochest is about the size of a standard piece of printer paper. It would be perfect for storing on a shelf with other books, which is one of the features I like most about it. If I just wanted to keep my watch bands all-together, I could throw them in a ziplock bag. But the Monochest creates a dedicated space for the bands. It’s not very portable because of the size, and it has a decent amount of weight to it. But again, I’ve seen plenty of options for travel. I see the Monochest in a completely different category.

There are two flaps that make the cover of the Monochest, both are attached with magnets. When you open the larger flap, you see three compartments for extra Apple Watch bands. There are small tabs which hold the watch bands in place, so there’s no way they will slide out. Beneath the smaller flap is the compartment for your Apple Watch with its currently attached watch band. You can also charge your Apple Watch while it’s in the Monochest as there is a hole for your charger and place to hide the cord on the back.

The Monochest may seem slightly pricey, but it also comes with a Bonus Band. Monowear has a plethora of fantastic Apple Watch bands and since bands are often $75+ on their own (on Monowear and elsewhere), it’s a deal. But if you want that Bonus Band, act fast. The offer is good as long as supplies last.


  • Dedicated space to store extra Apple Watch bands

  • Perfect for a bookshelf.

  • Can charge Apple Watch while in case.

  • Comes with Bonus Band (while supplies last).


  • Decent size, so not ideal for portability.

Final Verdict:

The Monochest is a great way to keep your multiple Apple Watch bands together in a dedicated “folder.” It would fit perfectly on a bookshelf, offering quick access and keeping those extra watch bands in a safe place. Next, learn how to understand Apple Watch band sizes for the perfect fit!

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