How to Join a Wi-Fi Network on Your iPhone or iPad

How to Join a Wi-Fi Network on Your iPhone or iPad

Unless you have unlimited data on your iPhone or iPad, it is imperative that you use Wi-Fi whenever possible to avoid costly overage charges on your cell phone bill. You probably already use Wi-Fi at home and at friends' houses and fortunately, free Wi-Fi can also be found in public spaces, from coffee shops, to libraries, and even fast-food restaurants. Most hotels offer free Wi-Fi as well. And if you’re traveling overseas, virtually every function of the iPhone can be performed using Wi-Fi so you don’t have to pay international phone costs.

To join a Wi-Fi network, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and toggle Wi-Fi On.

At this point, your device will begin searching for Wi-Fi signals. Once you see the network you’d like to use, tap on it.

If you see a padlock symbol beside the network, that means you have to have a password to access it.

Most hotels will give you their password upon check-in; or if you are at a business, such as a coffee shop, you can ask for the password at the counter. (Please note that public Wi-Fi is not always the most secure. Avoid activities that involve private data when using a public Wi-Fi network—such as online banking. Read more about keeping your data secure here.)

Once you have the password, enter it in the required field and then tap Join.

Your device will remember the password so each time you visit that location it will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network unless the password has been changed.

For some businesses you will have to reconnect each time. For example, at McDonalds, you will have to tap Get Connected and agree to the Terms of Service for each visit. 

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