Review: ZAGG Dropguard Case and Invisible Shield Screen Protector

The ZAGG Dropguard case ($24.99) and InvisibleShield Glass Luxe ($34.99) is a perfect combo for assuring iPhone protection. The case attractively snugs over the backside and edges, while the shield slams down a force field of layered protection to the screen front. The new iPhone is here and you will want a quality case and screen protection combo to protect that 6s. ZAGG will have your iPhone's back. We'll also give you some tips to prevent smashing your screen.

The Dropguard cover does well buffering the iPhone edges, but is maybe a little thin on the reverse side for my taste (I take my phone to the weight room at the gym). Admittedly, the back is probably where the iPhone needs less protection, though the area around the rear camera aperture and flash is still quite vulnerable. A harder plastic frame protects the camera corner, but the rest is a web of thinner rubberized material, which, while dispersing a shock, may not stand up to a serious blow. Just saying, that if you need a bit more protection on the back, you might want to go with the ZAGG Shockguard instead.

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The InvisibleShield Glass Luxe lives up to its name by adding layers of tempered glass and hardened polycarbonate to the already rather hard iPhone screen. I have heard too many stories (usually bathroom related) of how surprisingly easy it is to crack an iPhone face. Just about all the products I test, by the way, crack at some point (because I usually drop test them until they do), but I have yet to crack the iPhone screen itself with any screen protector installed. Better to shatter a $40 protector than my screen, and so I still had fingers crossed when I drop tested the Glass (which lived up to its 9H hardness).

Some tips on avoiding screen cracks from a pro cracker of screen covers:

  • 1. Pick a cover with bumpers and a lip that extends above the screen.
  • 2. Avoid bringing your iPhone into a place like a bathroom surrounded by hard surfaces, and setting it on a shelf with vibrate on.
  • 3. Prevent back pocket ejection. If you carry your iPhone in a front pocket, there is less chance of it shooting out of a back pocket onto a ceramic tile floor (or into a toilet bowl).
  • 4. Use a screen protector like the Glass Luxe.

InvisibleShield helps you to install with a patented backside adhesive that makes it a cinch to remove and re-apply. The look is nearly seamless, and there are slightly curved edges like some other recent screen products we have reviewed. Those products look great and provide a little extra bit of protection, but don't always play well with covers or cases.The glass luxe fits hand to glove with the Dropguard or Shockguard cases.


  • Great looks with superior crafting


  • DropCase a bit thin on back

Final Verdict

Whether you need a case, cover, or keyboard product this new iPhone season, any ZAGG product is certainly worth a look, as I test a lot of them and can vouch they will stand up as affordable and practical protection options. 

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