iPhone Tripod Roundup: 3 Best Stands for Your Smartphone Photography

If you're into iPhone photography and filming, there will come a time when you feel the need to start investing in accessories to improve your results. One of the most basic yet helpful extras you can buy is an iPhone tripod. A phone tripod can help you get your best shots by stabilizing your iPhone, thereby eliminating unwanted movement and jiggling while you film or live stream. A tripod is also very handy when the time comes for a selfie or group shot where you'd like to include everyone. Whether you have the newest iPhone or an older version like the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, or iPhone 7 plus, there's a tripod out there that will help you take your filming and photography to the next level. Let's get started learning about three of my recommendations for your upcoming purchase. 

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Best Travel, Outdoor, Portable iPhone Tripod

Joby Magnetic GorillaPod with GripTight Phone Mount ($19.95)

The Joby Magnetic GorillaPod with GripTight Phone Mount is a versatile iPhone tripod that's also lightweight and portable; it's small enough to fit in your pocket! Your iPhone attaches quickly and easily, yet securely to the spring-loaded GripTight Mount, then the mount is connected to the tripod. At this point you can fix the GorillaPod in place either by wrapping the flexible legs around a stable object such as a post or tree branch, or by attaching the magnetic feet to a metal surface. Also included in this kit is a Bluetooth enabled Impulse Remote shutter, so you can move up to 90 feet away and begin filming or shooting from a distance!

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Best Desktop iPhone Tripod

Manfrotto Mini Tripod with Universal Smartphone Clamp ($34.99)

The Manfrotto Mini Tripod Mount is perfect for iPhone photographers who shoot from a stable surface and therefore don't need the magnetized legs or flexible grip of offerings like the GorillaPod. When you're not using your Manfrotto as a tripod, you can use the folded legs as a grip as you capture front or rear-facing photo and video. While this portable tripod is on the larger side, it still weighs less than half a pound and is a little over ten inches tall, so it will fit easily into a briefcase, purse, or backpack. As well, if you already have an iPhone mount you'd like to use, you can purchase the tripod separately; chances are your mount will attach securely to the standard 1/4" screw threads on the Manfrotto Tripod. 

Best Detail/Close Up iPhone Stand

Arkon Pro Phone Stand ($99.95)

Ok I'm going to go a little off topic here, but only because I've found a mount that perfectly fits a need many iPhone photographers, vloggers, and live-streamers have that only has *gasp* one leg. If you do overhead photography or need to film detailed activities like drawing or cooking, Arkon has you covered. With an arm height adjustable anywhere from 17 to 29 inches, and a mount arm that can extend as far as 12.5 inches, you can capture close-ups and moderate distance shots from multiple angles in addition to the handy downward-facing option. If you follow this link for purchase, Arkon's RoadVise iPhone holder is included, as well as a weighted base that will keep the stand secure and wobble-free.

Do You Have a Favorite iPhone Tripod?

Have you purchased and used an iPhone tripod that you'd like to recommend to the iPhone Life community? Let us know in the comments!

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