How to Type a Period on the iPhone Keyboard with Only the Space Bar

How to Type a Period with Only the Space Bar

This is one of those small tips that blew my mind upon discovery. Periods come at the end of every sentence, which means we’re doomed to constantly tap the 123 button on the iPhone or iPad keyboard to get access to that little bugger. Or are we? It turns out there’s a super fast shortcut for typing a period that brought me an irrational amount of joy. Here’s how to type a period with only the space bar.

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  • Open any app with access to your keyboard.

  • Type your sentence, and when it’s time to insert a period…

  • Double tap the spacebar.

  • That’s it! A period will be inserted and a space will automatically be added too, allowing to you keep typing.

Such a simple little trick, yet easily one of my favorites. It’s right up there will tapping the time to scroll to the top of a page.


What other simple but mind-blowing shortcuts do you know?


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