How to Send a Call to Voicemail

Sometimes, when you received a call there is a red and green button. This makes it clear that tapping the green button accepts the call and tapping the red button sends it to voicemail. Except, sometimes you’ll see a red and green button and other times you’ll only see Slide to Answer. For the longest time I didn’t know how to send a call to voicemail unless the red and green buttons showed up on the screen. I thought Apple had simply gotten rid of the feature; well, turns out I was wrong. Here’s how to send a call to voicemail.

When you receive a call, you can automatically send it to voicemail by double clicking the Sleep/Wake button. If you send a call to voicemail immediately, the person will likely know you’ve rejected their call. Which at times doesn’t matter. But if you’d rather ignore the call without sending it to voicemail immediately, you can also tap the Sleep/Wake button once to silence your ringtone.

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