How to Mute a Tab in Chrome, Safari, Firefox & Edge

Mute one tab or more in your browser to avoid loud advertisements, ignore auto-playing videos, and more.

If you're anything like me, you frequently have anywhere from fifteen to thirty different browser tabs open at a time. Inevitably, some of them start playing some irritating ad or video that you can't get to shut up, leaving you to wonder how to mute a tab in Chrome or another web browser. Luckily, all the modern browsers you may be using have an option to mute an individual tab, so you can continue browsing in peace. 

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How to Mute a Tab in Safari

  1. Any tab playing sound in Safari should have a speaker icon displayed. Click the speaker icon to mute the tab.
  2. Another option is to control-click (on a Mac) or right-click (on a PC) the tab you'd like to mute.
  3. Select Mute Tab.

    Mute Safari

How to Mute a Tab in Chrome

  1. Like tabs in Safari, tabs in Google Chrome playing sound will also display a speaker icon. Control-click or right-click anywhere on the tab.
  2. Select Mute Site. Any other tab on this site currently open or that you open in the future will also be muted.

    Mute Chrome

How to Mute a Tab in Firefox

  1. Look for our old friend, the speaker icon in the tab you'd like to mute. Control-click or right-click the tab.
  2. Click Mute Tab.

    Mute Firefox

How to Mute a Tab in Microsoft Edge

  1. If you guessed you want to look for the speaker icon, you're right. Control-click or right-click the tab.
  2. Click Mute Tab.

    Mute Edge
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