How to Make News Stories Available for Offline Reading

How to Make News Stories Available for Offline Reading

In the Apple News app, you have the option to save articles for reading offline. Perhaps you’re about to be in a zone without Wi-Fi and you want to have a list of reading during that period of time. Or maybe you’re at work when you discover an article and you want to save it for the commute home. Whichever the case, it’s an easy process to make sure your New Stories are saved and available offline.

To save a News Story for offline viewing:

  • Open the News app.

  • Find an article you want to save.

From here, you have three different options to save the article:

  • First option: Open the article, tap the bookmark in the bottom right corner

  • Second option: From the article description, swipe left and select Save

  • Third option: From the article description, activate 3D Touch and slide up. Select Save.

To view a list of your saved articles, tap the Saved bookmark on the bottom right of the page. Swipe left and tap Don’t Save to remove an article from the list. 

Any articles that are saved also appear offline. Simply access your Saved list and click on the article you want to read — no Wi-Fi required. 

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