How to Keep Your HomePod from Messing Up Your Apple Music Recommendations

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One of the coolest features of Apple's new HomePod is its ability to team up with your Apple Music subscription and act as a personal DJ, playing custom playlists based on your listening habits for you enjoy whenever you ask. Your HomePod's mixology skills can get thrown off kilter, though, if family members or visitors are also asking Siri to play their favorite tunes. And this will also influence what Apple Music thinks you like and plays for you on your other Apple Devices as well. Fortunately, there's a HomePod setting you can change to ensure that you won't end up listening to a mish-mosh of all your friends' and family members' musical tastes. Let's get started learning how to keep other HomePod users from influencing your "For You" Apple Music recommendations on your HomePod.

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How to Keep Your HomePod from Influencing What Apple Music Thinks You Like

  • Open the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Under Favorite Accessories, 3D Touch the HomePod you want to adjust.

apple music home podhome pod music playlist

  • Tap Details.
  • Toggle off Use Listening History at the bottom of the screen.

apple homepod music settingshomepod music settings

edit apple homepod playlists

That's it! Now your HomePod will play music based on your personal Apple Music favorites, rather than a mix of the music requested by every person who interacts with it.

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