How to Get (& Use) the Red-Headed Emoji on iOS 12.1

At the 2018 September Apple announcement, Tim promised us over 70 new emojis, including the long-awaited red-headed emoji. Redheads around the world rejoiced with the announcement of Apple's newest member of the emoji family. But how does one install the new emoji, and how does one access the emoji once installed? Fret not, we've got you covered. Read on to learn how to install and access the new red-headed emoji in iOS 12.

Updating Your iOS

In order to access the new redhead emoji, you'll need to update to iOS 12.1. Luckily, there's nothing else you need to install or change besides performing the update. To review, here are the steps for updating your iPhone.

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  • Open Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap Software Update.
  • Tap Download & Install.

Once iOS 12.1 is downloaded and installed, you'll have access to all the enhanced features, including the new redread emoji.

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How To Send a Redhead Emoji Via Text 

Next, I'll show you how to send the redhead emoji via text. You can use this method to access the red-headed emoji across your social media feeds and different messenger apps in addition to text messaging. The emoji will look a bit different from one platform to another, but it will always be a redhead. Here's how to text the red-headed emoji to a friend:​

  • Start a new text message or open an existing thread.
  • Tap the globe on the bottom left.

  • Tap the Smiley face icon to auto-scroll to the face emojis.
  • Find an emoji you want to turn into a redhead. Press and hold that emoji to bring up the submenu.

  • Without releasing your finger, slide your finger to the skintone and haircolor you prefer.
  • Release.

Ta-Da! You have the red -headed emoji! This trick will work with all the face emojis. I even tested the emoji by sending a text to a friend with an Android. Sometimes, Android users get question marks instead of Apple emojis, but the redhead emoji worked just fine. I was also able to use the red-headed emoji in Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Now, go forth and text!



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