How to Edit Slow-Motion Video on Mac (macOS Monterey Update)

Here's how to edit slow-motion video on a Mac. You can decide exactly when slow-motion begins and ends!

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Have you been wondering how to edit a slow-motion video on a Mac? After you make a video with an iPhone or iPad, you can edit it in the Photos app on a Mac; here's how. 

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Why You’ll Love This Tip

  • You'll have more room and better visibility when editing iPhone videos on a Mac.
  • You can decide down to the second when you want slow motion to begin and end in your video.

How to Edit Slow-Motion Video on Mac

We showed you how to make slow-motion videos on an iPhone or iPad, but what about how to edit those videos? Here's how to edit iPhone slow-motion videos on a Mac, and choose when you want the slow motion to begin and end. You can also edit slow motion video on an iPhone. For more great video editing tutorials, check out our free Tip of the Day

  1. Open the Photos app, scroll down to Media Types under Albums, and click Slo-mo

    click slo-mo undermedia types
  2. Double click the video, hove the cursor over it, and you’ll see a dotted line below the Play icon
  3. To adjust when the slow-motion starts and ends, drag the larger vertical lines to the right or left to expand or contract the slo-mo section (indicated by more widely spaced lines). 

    dotted line under play icon
  4. Click Edit when you're finished. 

    click edit to save or revert changes
  5. Click Revert to Original to get rid of your edits, or tap Done to keep it. 

    revert to original or save changes

If you want to edit lighting, color, contrast, and more, we have a tutorial on how to edit videos on a Mac.

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