Featured iUser: How Fashion Blogger & Entrepreneur Louisa Moje Uses Her iPhone

In every issue of iPhone Life magazine, we feature the iPhone Home screens of people from different walks of life, so our readers can see how they use iPhone apps to meet a variety of needs. In our Spring 2020 issue, we featured fashion designer and blogger Louisa Moje, who uses her iPhone apps for photo editing, social media posting, meal planning, personal finance, and more. If you have a story and apps you'd like to suggest, email Tamlin Day, and we may feature you in an upcoming issue of the magazine!

Louisa Moje

Louisa Moje is a fashion blogger and entrepreneur. She’s the voice behind LaPassionVoutee.com, a resource for practical, everyday fashion advice for women. Louisa recently released her own line of African print swimwear. She also writes for an African travel blog with her twin sister.

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor (Free)

Rather than getting stuck behind the computer, I can edit a photo for Instagram between errands. Lightroom makes it a breeze to edit images without the need to launch the software on my computer.

rewardStyle (Free)

As a fashion blogger, my readers count on me to share practical styles. The rewardStyle app gives me access to shoppable clothing pieces so I can conveniently share outfits with my audience on social media.

Mint (Free)

I use Mint to keep track of my spending and finances. I get alerts if anything crazy is going on in my bank account and can quickly spot any fraudulent charges.

Buffer (Free)

Buffer makes posting to social media feel less like a chore. I can batch plan and schedule a series of posts to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with just a few taps.

Mino Music (Free) 

When I’m ready to jam to some music on a drive or while cooking a dish, doing laundry, or cleaning, I fire up Mino. This app is the best way to enjoy ad-free African music and hit songs.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner (Free)

I get a little rusty on dishes I don’t cook often. Allrecipes lets me save my favorite recipes and refer back to my bookmarks with a few taps. It has pictures, ingredient lists, and videos. I can pick an ingredient, say chicken, and get meal suggestions in three seconds.

Splitwise (Free)

Splitwise keeps track of split bills, borrowed money, and more. Splitting the cost of a meal? No worries, you can take a screenshot of your receipt, notify people, and even settle the bill right on the app.

Johns Hopkins Antibiotic Guide (Free)

My family and friends count on me to give them educated information regarding their health and medications. When it comes to infectious diseases, I look to this app to back up my recommendations. I can search by drug name, pathogen, diagnosis, and more.

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