Apple Wants to Inspire You to ‘Start Something New’

Apple has a hidden page on its website featuring awesome artwork and the artist’s process creating their art using Apple devices, apps, and accessories. The Start Something New campaign aims to inspire creatives to use their Apple devices to let their imaginations run wild and create. The campaign features 11 artists and shows that technology is no longer a barrier to creating amazing art. The artists featured used only their iPhone, iPad, Mac, and accessories. One artist even utilized his Apple Watch while another used an Olloclip with her iPhone.

Here’s some of the works the artists created for Start Something New with their single quotes on their creative process and which devices, apps, and accessories they used to make it.

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Lu Jun, China 

“Part of the fun is not knowing how it will turn out.”

Used: iMac, iPhone 6s with Camera App, Adobe Photoshop, and MeFOTO SideKick360.

Tiffany Bozic, USA 

“What excites you? Start there.”

Used: iPad Pro, Apple Pencil with Procreate.


Emma Phillips, Australia 

“If you follow your intuition and try to be patient, you’ll end up in the right place.”

Used: iPhone 6s with Camera App, Darkroom, and Olloclip Active Lens.


William Hundley, USA

“Don’t talk yourself out of trying something new. You never know what might come of it.”

Used: iPhone 6s with Camera App


Darren Pearson, USA 

“Art is all about learning from mistakes and building on small successes.”

Used: iPhone 6s, Apple Watch with NightCap Pro, Darkroom, Union app. As well as Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod and MeFOTO SideKick360 accessories.


Jake Sargeant, USA 

“Take note of what inspires you and follow it.”

Used: iPhone 6s with Camera app, Darkroom, Union, Adobe Photoshop Express. And accessories MeFOTO SideKick360 and Olloclip Macro Lens.

Kahori Maki, Japan

“You don’t need to learn the techniques. You can just pick a brushstroke and start painting.”

Used: iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil with Camera App and Procreate.

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