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With all the movies and TV series coming out, it can be hard to keep track of what you might be interested in watching. IMDb is a source for discovering new and old movies and shows, current show times, ans if you're able to stream a show on Amazon. IMDb is great for any casual viewer or film buff, as the app also provides behind the scenes content and additional information about cast and crew, while recommending other titles you may enjoy. 

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IMDb (Free)

What It Is 

IMDb (which stands fir Internet Movie Database) is an entertainment hub for movies, tv, and videogames. With features like Watchlist, I can keep track of movies and shows (new and old) to watch. I can also use IMDb to see what's playing at nearby theaters and purchase tickets through the app. It's always an advantage to buy tickets ahead of time for a highly anticipated movie's opening night, which was how I was able to get a seat in the densely packed theater for Marvel's Black Panther. You can use the app without creating an account, but by having one you'll join over 8 million users to contribute reviews, page edits, and rankings.

Why We Love It

IMDb provides an attractive amount of information for over 5 million titles. With content like plot summaries, clips, user and critic reviews, I can browse titles and add whatever strikes my interest to my Watchlist. I'm a sucker for trailers, which are sometimes the best part of a movie, and there's plenty to watch on this app. Who doesn't love the hype of dramatic music, action shots, and one-off sarcastic remarks in three minutes or less? IMDb is owned by Amazon, and included on a movie or tv show's page is whether it's available to view on Amazon Prime or if you can purchase a physical copy through Amazon. For going out or staying in, IMDb helps you choose movies and shows to enjoy.

Reviews & Recommendations

Read reviews from critics and IMDb users to get a feel for what you're about to watch. The easy-to-spot rankings, which rate a movie 1–10 and depend on a weighted mean average, generally give an idea of what you're in for. Using this rating system, IMDb maintains a Top 250 Films list, which includes recent offerings like 2018's Bohemian Rhapsody and extends to early cinema such as 1931's City Lights starring Charlie Chaplin. The Top 250 Films list crosses genres and international borders, so if you're wanting to dip your toes into what are considered classics by over 8 million users, browse the Top 250 to plan a movie night. I'm a huge fan of enjoyably bad films, so I'm happy to choose movies from the 100 Lowest Rated movies as well. Filled with spin-offs, sequels, and remakes, the Bottom 100 has had me introduce a number of wonderfully terrible movies to my friends. As you rate, review, or even just check out a title's page, IMDb will recommend similar content. So, start with one title like Sylvester Stallone's Rocky and keep the lineup going with Terminator, Kill Bill, and Jaws.

Behind the Scenes & Trivia

IMDb is loaded with interviews, featurettes, and tidbits of trivia like cameos and other little-known facts. I enjoy the "where are they now" styled articles and seeing what direction certain actors have taken with their career. Sometimes I get a nice surprise, like a former child star becoming a producer of some of my favorite movies. IMDb also follows awards shows, so if you miss the Oscars or Academy Awards, you can find clips and galleries to know who won what (and check out their fancy event outfits).

IMDb can get you excited for upcoming shows or recommend an older title that becomes a new favorite. Whether you're just wanting to watch something to unwind or something to analyze, this app has you covered.

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