5 Awesome Eco-Friendly iPhone Cases

Happy Earth Day! At its Spring Event, Apple covered all the ways in which it’s helping the environment. Apple’s goal is to run all of its operations on 100 percent renewable energy, and it’s a goal the rest of the world needs to take more seriously as well. When it comes to a getting a case for our iPhone, there are often other factors we consider like protection and functionality. So here’s some of the best cases that deliver both on features and eco-friendliness.

Eco Friendly Interchangeable iPhone SE Case ($28.95)

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This eco-friendly case is also impact resistant and shock absorbant. It’s made with an environmentally friendly plastic and has two shells for a secure fit. Plus, this is made for the new iPhone SE. So if you plan to order the new phone, or have an iPhone 5, then this is a great option for a case.


Izu Printed Cork iPhone Case ($30)

Reveal has a awesome selection of beautiful, eco-friendly cases. This one is made from all natural and sustainable cork with a Japanese wood print block overlay. This cork is soft to the touch like leather minus the animal cruelty. Plus, Reveal plants a tree for each case sold, and the company has planted over 40 million trees since 1990.


Pela Bioplastic Case ($39)

This case is made from plants! The biodegradable material is smooth, flexible, and it won’t end up in a landfill for decades to come. The Pela case is available in multiple colors so there’s something for everyone. The company offers free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee as well.


Carved Bamboo iPhone Case ($29.95)

This Etsy shop has some of the most beautiful iPhone cases I’ve seen. All carved into bamboo, you’ll find all kinds of designs and patterns. They range in price from about $20–$30 and are available for various iPhones depending on the design. Since this is an Etsy shop, you can also message the owner to discuss a custom order.


Evutec Kaleidoscope SC Series ($29.95)

This iPhone case looks like a pool of water with the sunlight shining on it. Evutec is known for its eco-friendly cases, and this one happens to have military-grade drop protection too. The design is multi-layered so that it’s able to absorb and disperse shock and impact. This case is available for the iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus.

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