4 Best Free iOS Game Apps for Kids

Are you an animal lover? Do you have kids? Great, then you’ll love these interactive apps! Along with being visually pleasing and easy to use, these are some of the best game apps for iPad and iPhone that promote learning – through pictures, puzzles, and even some math! Kids will be so into the apps that they will forget they are learning, but parents will be pleased because their children are gaining fundamental knowledge. Here are four iPhone apps for kids that have some purely fun objectives and features to stimulate your child’s giggly, energetic personality.

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1. Close-Up Animal Quiz - Cat and Dog Trivia Game (Free)

This app stimulates your child’s learning abilities by showing a zoomed-in image of an animal and prompting the user to determine which animal is being shown just from this image. As your child progresses through each level, the images become a bit more challenging, making him or her prouder of correctly guessing the image. Download the app and have your kiddo test their knowledge of common animals.

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2. Toddler's Farm - Animals, Puzzles, & Animal Sounds (Free)

This app gives access to fun animal puzzles by having the user must solve simple multiplication problems. So, your child is not only learning what different animals look and sound like, he or she is learning math as well. Additionally, the various animal sounds will keep your child entertained and intrigued.

3. Animal Zoo - Interactive Flash Cards (Free)

This app teaches children about different zoo animals through interactive rhyming descriptions, coloring activities, animal sounds, and puzzles. The rhymes are not only helpful in describing different animals, they act as a creative tool to help your child retain the information he or she learns. The coloring activities allow your child to create a unique animal and the puzzles feature silhouettes of animals and options at the bottom, prompting your child to select the correctly shaped animal for the spot.

4. Cat Simulator (Free)

This app will channel all that energy your child has into a cat that he or she controls, with the objective being to run around and see how many items you can break. Cat Simulator is included in this list because it’s so much fun that it will keep your child occupied and out of trouble—unlike the cat in the game. This energetic app allows your little one to vicariously experience the mischievous ways of cat life.  

Not only do the above apps promote learning in colorful and unique ways, they are also free and user-friendly. However, free apps also feature pop-up ads that are constantly trying to push the user to upgrade and spend money. However, this can be viewed positively – if your child absolutely loves the apps, you will know exactly what to do to purchase it and gain more content. Another issue is that each app has the potential to become repetitive after a while, which is likely purposely done to make users upgrade and buy more content.

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