Legend App: Make Beautiful Gifs and Videos in Seconds

If you're the friend who likes to share inspirational quotes, then the iOS app Legend ( $1.99) is for you. I was able to test out the app before it launched on the App Store today, and I love it! 

It takes 10 seconds or less, and two taps of your finger to make an engaging, beautiful gif or video that you can share virtually anywhere on your phone. I use it primarily for Tumblr, but will use it for iPhone Life reviews in the future!

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The premise is simple: type your words, pick a background (or not, and Legend will pick later), and pick a style/filter. BOOM. In a few seconds, your gif or video is ready to be shared. Check out the gif to the left: I used Legend's app icon to create that gif for this post!

Legend is smart. Typing numbers, percentages, hashtags, usernames, colors, and much more creates a personal experience, and is one of the only ways you can intercept Legend's pre-programmed designs.

Not feeling inspired? Legend fills your text palate with suggestions right when you open the app. My favorite? "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

Something to note is that videos are longer, allowing the text to be read more easily, and are clearer when viewed on retina devices. The gifs are shorter.

Don't have any cool photos to use as a background? You can search Flickr within the app to find the perfect backdrop. Also, try out different text lengthsthe app changes designs based on what you type. The limit is 100 characters, however, just enough for a short and sassy tweet.

The developer, Stupeflix, is also behind Replayone of the biggest Instagram third-party editor apps. Check it out for free on the App Store.


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