What to Expect from Apple’s March 9 Event

Tomorrow, during Apple’s “Spring Forward” event, Tim Cook is expected to officially launch the Apple Watch, five months after first announcing the device last September. This will be the first time Apple has released a new product category since Cook became CEO.

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While some are predicting the Apple Watch will be a flop and others are already showering it with awards, the truth is there is a lot we don’t know about the still unreleased device. On March 9 we’ll finally get the full details about the watch’s features, availability, pricing, and more.

Here’s the rundown of what you can expect to see Monday:

The Apple Watch Will Be the Star


Apple’s event invitation didn’t specifically mention the Apple Watch, but the text “Spring Forward” likely refers to the beginning of Daylight Saving Time, an event inextricably linked to watches and clocks. Expect an Apple-Watch-focused event and don’t be disappointed if we don't see any updates to the Apple TV or MacBook Air with Retina display announcements. It's even more unlikely that we'll see an iPad Pro or an iTunes music streaming service.

Pricing and Availability

Apple has said the basic Apple Watch Sport will start at $349. On Monday, the pricing of the stainless steel and gold versions will finally be revealed, as well as any price difference between the 38 mm and 42 mm sizes and the pricing of the different bands.

We’ll also find out when we can expect to get an Apple Watch of our own. Apple often holds its events on a Tuesday and makes the new product available 10 days later on a Friday. It seems unlikely that this will be the case for the Apple Watch; Apple has already broken the pattern by holding this event on a Monday, and Tim Cook has been quoted as saying the watch will be available worldwide in April.

Features and Battery Life

There has been a lot of speculation on the Apple Watch’s battery life. Expect Apple to clarify this once and for all and to go into more detail on features introduced at the iPhone announcement last September, such as the Taptic Engine, Force Touch, fitness and health tracking features, and more. Apple often holds back details about exciting new features, so expect to be surprised.

Apple Watch Apps and iOS 8.2 (or 8.3)

There will also be demonstrations of third-party Apple Watch apps and more details on how to install and use Apple Watch apps.

Apple is also expected to release a big update to iOS 8 around the same time the Apple Watch becomes available. iOS 8.2 will include the necessary support for the Apple Watch functions and apps. Some are even expecting Apple to skip iOS 8.2 or release 8.3 very soon after 8.2 is released. Expect to learn more details during the announcement.

Hands On with the Apple Watch

The building of a mysterious extension at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco could mean that event attendees will get to enjoy some hands-on time with the new smartwatches after the Apple Watch announcement.

What do you think Apple will announce? Did we get our predictions right? Or did you expect something different? Let us know on twitter @iPhoneLife!

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