Console Gaming is Dying. Long Live iOS Gaming.

Console Gaming is Dead. Long Live iOS Gaming.

I write a lot about video games for iPhone Life Magazine and Specifically iOS video games. So the fact that mobile games are set to generate higher revenue than console games this year is no surprise to me. I've reported on this trend before and I imagine it's just the beginning of a radically new status quo in the world of modern gaming.

If you can't see the Clash of Clans commercial above, click HERE.

If you watched Super Bowl XLIX, the news that mobile gaming is "the next big thing" might not come as much of a shock, since you probably saw the Clash of Clans commercial featuring award-winning actor Liam Neeson or the Game of War commercial featuring supermodel Kate Upton. Super Bowl commercials aren't cheap, in fact a 30-second spot in Super Bowl 49 (which was watched by a record-breaking 112-million viewers) was likely to set a company back at least 4.5-million dollars, or 9-million in the case of the one-minute Clash of Clans commercialSo the fact that a few of the big name iOS games not only bought up some of that prime time real estate, but in the case of Clash of Clans, also managed to wrangle one of the world's top grossing actors is pretty big news. Would you be surprised if I told you that currently the Super Bowl Clash of Clans commercial is the most watched Super Bowl commercial on YouTube?

The fact of the matter is that console games have already begun to feel the pressure from the mobile gaming sector, which is of course, being spurred on by the record-breaking, phenomenal sales of Apple's iDevices. And they are responding accordingly, with many console games offering the same game in an iOS version, or at least opting to offer an iOS companion app to accompany their console title. In fact, when Infinity Blade finally migrates to the XBOX console platform it will mark a significant moment; when a top grossing, graphically spectacular game that debuted as an iOS exclusive makes its way to a top rated console. It won't be the last time we see this happen either, I reckon; so get used to it. This isn't even taking into account the fact that Apple is poised to introduce a revamped Apple TV with far greater support for iOS, with special attention being paid to the iOS gaming environment in particular. Look out consoles.

Console games will either have to adapt to the surging popularity of mobile gaming or become a relic of the past, a novelty along the lines of those huge arcade video game contraptions that were the size of refrigerators and that nobody under 35 even remembers. And for all the hoopla that emerging technologies like Virtual Reality headsets or eye-tracking hardware might generate, if these technologies don't embrace mobile gaming, and the iOS platform more specifically, they may not be dead on arrival, but they will not prosper, certainly not like they will if they embrace the iOS ecosystem. I believe the writing is on the wall, and that everyone in the gaming industryfrom developers of top titles to makers of popular consolessees this and has begun to adapt accordingly, despite the cries from some die-hard naysayers who swear the console will never become outdated.

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