Top 5 Free Wellness Apps for HealthKit Integration

HealthKit allows you to collect and share data on various aspects of your health. From Fitness and Nutrition to Sleep and Reproductive Health, the Health app is great way to get an overall view of your daily habits and how they’re contributing to your wellbeing. The HealthKit is also being used in medical professions for research groups, and the app allows you to export your data if you need to share it with your doctor or a personal trainer.

If an app you know works with HealthKit doesn’t prompt you to share its data, you will often find the option in Settings under Sharing & Privacy. The more apps you regularly use that share their data with Healthkit, the easier it is to get an overall picture from the Health app.

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I’ve used this app on and off for years. It’s super straightforward and simply designed, making it easy to track what you eat and how you exercise. The food bank is huge, so it’s easy to track calories, and unlike some fitness apps, you don’t need a premium membership to make it useful. It also include a barcode scanner to make tracking a breeze and can be used as a step tracker right from your iPhone.


Sleep Cycle 

This app monitors your sleep patterns throughout the night with its patented technology. As an alarm, you can set a time range to wake up within, and the app will wake you during your lightest sleep phase. I’ve been using this app every night for a solid month now, and as other reviewers have noted, it just works. Being woken up during a light sleep phase makes it easier to ‘rise and shine’, and I love being able to see what aspects of my routine lead to a better night sleep.


7 Minute Workout

Everyone has seven minutes to workout which is what makes this app so practical and appreciated. Especially if you have an office job, getting some kind of movement during the day is extremely important for our health. The app will voice prompt the exercises, so there’s no need to glance down constantly at your phone. It also works with Apple Watch for an added bonus.



Finally, a period tracker that doesn’t cater to outdated gender identities. If you’ve ever looked for a period tracker, you know how annoying it is to see pastel pink everywhere. Clue is an exception. The tracking system is also more straightforward than past apps I’ve used, with a circle indicating what portion of my cycle I’m in throughout the month. The app allows you to easily track sex, birth control, mood, and more. It also provides reminders for upcoming PMS and periods.


Nike +

Many running apps connect to HealthKit, but I chose Nike+ to feature because of the training features, coaching expertise, and daily workouts. The app allows you to track your course with notes on terrain; you can post about your run with words and pictures as well as compete with friends. Friends can also cheer you on during your run, and if you’re using it with an Apple Watch you can track quite a lot directly from the device.


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