Review: iHome Dock for Amazon Echo Dot

I love the Amazon Alexa ecosystem and I have an Alexa-compatible device in just about every room. The affordability of the Echo Dot makes this practical, unlike Apple's HomePod. I can have ten Echo Dots for about the price of one HomePod. But the Echo Dot doesn't have great sound. The iAVS1 ($49.99) from iHome fixes this and adds some very welcome features.

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The iAVS1 is a purpose-built dock for Amazon Echo Dot. Indeed without one of those devices plugged in to the hole on the top, it would look empty. You insert the Echo Dot into the top, kind of like Iron Man / Tony Stark adding his Arc Reactor to the opening in his chest and you make one plus one greater than two! In fact the Dot sticks out a little bit, so you can see the activity ring light.

The iAVS1 is sold in white or black to match the default colors of Amazon's Echo Dot, but it would be nice to see some more color choices. If you use it as an alarm clock, which you should, you will appreciate the nice, large time display. There is also an extra USB port to charge an additional device. The integrated stereo speakers improve the audio sound of the Echo Dot, which, as Amazon will admit, is really geared towards voice and not music. I would have liked to see Qi wireless charging built-in but I can add a charging pad to the USB port and then place my iPhone next to the iHome device at night.


  • Purpose-built dock for Amazon Echo Dot
  • Available in white or black
  • Nice large time display
  • Charge additional device via USB
  • Improves audio


  • No Qi wireless charging built in
  • More colors would be nice

Final Verdict

If you use an Amazon Echo Dot but wish it had better audio, and had a lock display, you'll want the iAVS1 from iHome. 

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