Improve Your Financial Well-Being with Clarity Money: Budget Planner App

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Combine all the features of your favorite money apps into this one-stop shop for managing your finances. Not only does Clarity Money give you an overall picture of your spending habits, it offers suggestions, shows you monthly breakdowns of your spending habits, gives you the opportunity to cancel recurring charges, and even allows you to start saving from within the app. Whether you’re new to keeping a budget and nervous about where to start or you’ve tracked your expenses for years, Clarity Money makes it really easy to face the financial music. Learn more on what it does and why we love it below.

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Clarity Money (Free)

What It Does

If I can use one app where before I had to use four, I’m definitely going to make the switch. And that’s a huge part of why I’m falling in love with Clarity Money. I’ve used various wonderful apps for tracking expenses and setting up a budget in the past, but Clarity Money does a whole lot more. Once you’ve connected all of your accounts, Clarity Money gives you a clear picture of your overall financial well-being, but it also offers suggestions that are tailored to your spending habits as you continue to use the app.

From the main screen, which is the C tab at the bottom, you can easily see your cash or debt, whether or not your spending is on-track, a quick view of recent expenses, your income this month, countdown to payday, a pie chart showing how much money you’ve spent and how much is left, an option to set up automatic savings deposits, a pie chart that breaks down how you spend your money by category, and much more. What shows up for you will depend on how long you’ve been using the app, how much information you’ve provided the app, and where your finances currently stand.

Why We Love It

The only thing I would like the app to additionally allow is the ability to set budget goals for each category of spending; so that throughout the month, the app could let you know if you’re getting close to surpassing your budget in specific areas. Aside from that request, I’m amazed at the amount of information I can easily review with Clarity Money. I think a large part of getting off track with money is simply not wanting to look at it; but once we really look and see what we’re working with, we can relax into the rhythm of our created budget or look for ways to add additional income to our streams.

I’ve hugely improved my spending habits already in 2018; but after just a couple of hours of using the app off and on, I have located a bunch of other places my spending could be curbed if I simply put some attention on it. I highly appreciate this approach and think it will work well for many others as well; the app works to help you improve with each purchase, inching you toward better financial well-being without immediately laying out all the reasons you’ve fallen behind. Managing money is as much a psychological effort as it is physical, and Clarity Money does a fantastic job of addressing both.

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