How to Use Stacks on a Mac

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Stacks help keep your Mac desktop organized and tidy. So what does stacked mean when it comes to desktop items? How do you use stacks on your Mac? We'll go over the answers to these and other questions about using stacks on your MacBook, iMac, or other Mac computer.

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How to Organize Your Desktop with Stacks

I'm not a fan of clutter on my device screens. Stacks help me keep my MacBook desktop tidy and organized in a logical way, which makes finding what I'm looking for much easier! Here's how to organize the desktop on your Mac by using stacks.

  1. Right-click on your Mac desktop. A menu will appear.

    Right click on the desktop to see a menu
  2. Click on Use Stacks.

    Click on Use Stacks
  3. Your desktop files will automatically sort into stacks.

    Your files will automatically be sorted and organized into stacks
  4. To expand a stack, click on it once.

    Click on a stack to expand it
  5. You'll see an arrow pointing to the name of the stack that's expanded, and the stack files grouped around it.
  6. Click on the stack again to collapse it back down.

    Click on an expanded stack to collapse it
  7. To expand all stacks at once, hold the option key on your keyboard and click on a stack.
  8. To collapse all expanded stacks at once, hold the option key on your keyboard and click on a stack.

    Hold option and click on a stack to expand all stacks at once

Those are the basics of how to stack Mac files to make your desktop more organized! We hope you enjoy your tidier computer screen.

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