How to Get Breaking News Notifications from the Apple News App

The Apple News app on iPhone allows you to keep up to date on all the topics and publications that interest you. You can also sign up for breaking news alerts on your iPhone, which appear as notifications. You can choose which news sources are allowed to send you breaking news alerts. You can see news alerts for publications you follow or other large well-known channels that often cover breaking news. If you don’t have a favorite source of news, you can turn on News Top Stories as a means of getting breaking news notifications from a wide net of journalists. Here’s how to turn on breaking news alerts in Apple News on iPhone.

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How to Turn on Breaking News Alerts in Apple News

  • Open the News app and navigate to the Favorites tab.

  • Tap the bell icon in the top left corner.

  • Toggle on all the publications or channels that you want to receive breaking news alerts from. Turn on News Top Stories for a broad, general range of news alerts.

  • Once you’ve turned on notifications for the channels you want alerts from, tap Done.

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