How to Send and Request Money via Facebook Messenger on iPhone

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Did you know that you can send and receive money from your friends via Facebook Messenger? I didn’t until I received a notification informing me that my sister had sent me $5. It seems there are a million apps for sending friends and family money these days, from Venmo to Snapchat. But if you already have a debit card connected to your Facebook account, then using Messenger to send or request money on iPhone is the quickest way to go. Here’s how to send and request money via Messages on iPhone.

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How to Send and Request Money via Facebook Messenger on iPhone

  • Open a conversation thread.

  • Tap the More (plus-sign) icon along the bottom of the Messenger window.

  • Select Payments.

  • Enter the amount you want to send or request. You can also attach a note to your payment/request letting your recipient know what the money is for.

  • If you’re requesting money, tap Request and confirm your request. Then it’s up to them to follow through.  

  • If you’re paying money, tap Pay. If you haven’t yet set up your debit card, you’ll be prompted to set that up.

  • Once that’s taken care of, tap Pay in the top right corner. Confirm Pay.

If someone requests money from you, you’ll see the option to Pay or Decline. Tap Pay and enter your debit card information, if need be. Tap Pay. It’s good to note that in order to receive money, Facebook also needs your debit card information.

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