How to Access Airport Maps in Apple Maps on iPhone

With iOS 11 on iPhone, the Maps app added airport maps (and shopping mall maps) to its capabilities. Of course, the feature is limited to only a handful of airports right now, but Apple plans to consistently expand the maps. I imagine mostly larger airports will have a map, but since nearly everyone ends up at those airports during layovers, we will all likely find them helpful at some point. Here’s how to access airport maps in Apple Maps on iPhone.

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Which Airports Have Maps in Apple Maps?

According to Macrumors, indoor maps of airports are currently available in Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Tokyo, Toronto, and the Washington D.C. vicinity. 

How to Access Airport Maps in Apple Maps

  • Open the Maps app.
  • Search for the airport. I’m using Chicago O’Hare International Airport for our example.
  • On the map, under the name of the airport (or mall), you’ll see the words Look Inside.
  • Those words mean you can zoom in and see the different terminals of the airports as well as the restaurants, shops, bathrooms, Information, and more.

Currently, navigation is not an option. So for example, you wouldn't be able to get directions from where you are to a place within the airport—yet. Apple is reportedly working on adding this feature. 

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