Funny Emoji Combos & Their Meaning (iOS 17)

What to Know

  • Certain strings of emojis, when placed together, imply something specific, although it is often never followed up with an explanation.
  • This article will go over popular emojis and what they mean in combination with other emojis for a quick and easy breakdown.

If you've been on the internet recently, you've almost certainly run into a situation where someone uses a long string of emojis to imply something. But what are these emojis and their meaning? We're going to decode a few of the funniest emoji combos to hopefully make the internet a little easier to understand!

Emoji Combos & Their Meaning

While we're all familiar with popular emojis like the thankful emoji, the begging emoji, and the smile emoji, some others you may not be familiar with. If you like learning about Apple devices and software, be sure to sign up for our free Tip of the Day!

Important Note

Apple is constantly updating the emojis on its emoji keyboard. In order to ensure that your emojis are up to date, be sure to download the latest iOS. If you are missing emojis from your iPhone, it may be due to your software needing to be updated. Find out how to update to iOS 17.

  1. Two Fingers Pointing In: This usually means shy or nervous. Imagine a small child asking for chocolate milk before bedtime.

    emojis and their meaning
  2. Tongue + Eggplant + Water drops: This is a fairly common string of emojis, and be warned! It implies mature, adult feelings and emotions. This emoji combo is typically used to indicate attraction, particularly to men. If you see this under an image of a male celebrity, it means the commenter thinks he's good-looking (to say the least).

    emoji meaning
  3. Eyeball + Mouth + Eyeball: This emoji combo implies a sense of disbelief, the commenter is shocked and stunned at what they have just witnessed.

    iphone emoji meanings
  4. Open Mouth Face + Smoke: This emoji duo represents an audible gasp or exhaling of breath.

    best emojis
  5. Door + Running Person + Smoke: This indicates that the commenter is running for the door. Perhaps there's a cool event happening, and they want to run ou their door to go there, or perhaps they want to leave somewhere as soon as possible. It could be either, depending on the context.

    meaning of emojis
  6. Contented Face + Painted Nails: This implies that the person is feeling content in a sassy, bold, or cheeky way. It's almost like saying, "I told you so," but without so many words.

    funny emoji combos


  • What does the Melting Face emoji mean? This emoji is known as the Melting Face emoji. It can be used literally to imply extreme heat, but more than likely, it is being used to describe a strong emotion like embarrassment, frustration, or annoyance.
  • What does this emoji mean: Smiling Face with Hearts? This emoji is called the Smiling Face with Hearts emoji. It doesn't need to be taken romantically. Instead, it can be understood that the user is feeling grateful, loved, or loving.
  • What does Upside Down Face mean flirting? This emoji, the Upside Down Face, can be used to indicate playfulness, silliness, or embarrassment. 

And that's how to interpret some of the most popular emojis and combinations! Do keep in mind that everyone may use emojis slightly differently, and the meanings of each symbol can vary across cultures and languages.

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