Everything We Know About New 2022 Macs, MacBook Air & More

Apple's spring event is just around the corner! The rumored event, confirmed to take place on Tuesday, March 8, is expected to reveal some exciting new products for Mac lovers. From a major MacBook Air redesign to a 40 core Mac Pro, we'll share all the rumors we've uncovered.

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MacBook Air 2022: Major Redesign

Many Apple products have recently experienced redesigned, and MacBook Air may be next. In his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman confirmed that we would see a redesigned MacBook Air in 2022, although he thinks that a fall release may be more likely. He isn't the only tipster who predicts a brand new design.

Back in October, Apple leaker Dylan, known as his Twitter handle @dylandkt, predicted the upcoming MacBook Air to be released in the middle of 2022 with a 1080p webcam, USB C ports, a 30W power adapter, no fans, and MagSafe charger. He also confidently stated that there would be no ProMotion, Face ID, HDMI port, or SD card. 

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Apple analyst Jon Prosser took many of Dylan's suggestions and had his artist, RendersByIan, render a potential new MacBook Air design. 

Prosser incorporated many of Dylan's predictions. Unlike Dylan, Prosser does think that we will see a notch on the MacBook Air and that it will be similar to the 2021 MacBook Pro.

The design features the notch, making it possible for the display to be better and have narrower bezels. Although the original link is now broken, you can view the design on Tom’s Guide website. Many analysts, including Prosser, think that the new MacBook Air will be available in various pastel hues, similar to the iMac 2021.

Gurman agrees that Apple will introduce new color schemes, and like Dylan, he isn't too sure we'll see a notch. MacRumors reported that in Gurman’s newsletter, he expects a thinner and lighter design with a Mini-LED display and potentially the next-gen M2 chip.

According to The Informant, specs like RAM and storage are likely to start at the same amounts. This means 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD space. However, Apple may offer an upgrade to 16 GB of RAM and up to 1 TB of storage.

Mac Mini: Silicon Chips & a New Design

Mac minis are the perfect option for those who want the power of a Mac computer paired with their own gear. This is known as the BYODKM, which stands for "bring your own display, keyboard, and mouse." Steve Jobs made this term famous when he introduced the world to the first Mac mini back in 2005. With a new design and a rumored silicon chip, the new Mac mini might just be your next Apple purchase!

There are speculations that Apple will be using the spring event to bring the M1 Pro chip to another Mac, and Gurman considers the Mac mini a possible contender. Dylan is even more confident that we will see a Mac mini, and he believes that Apple will offer M1 Pro and M1 Max chip options. Dylan also believes that the Mac mini will have a brand new design.

Apple Insider reported on Prosser's potential design for the new Mac mini, which he shared back in May 2021. It was supposedly rendered based on what internal sources showed him and shows a thinner box with more ports. Prosser believes that the new design will be aluminum with a plexiglass-like material on the top case.

Mac Pro: 40-Core Silicon Processor Core 

Mac Pro users are generally professionals who need more out of a computer, and the new Mac Pro will likely be the most powerful Apple device yet! Dylan believes that the Mac Pro won't be released until the end of 2022 but has high hopes for the device. His best guess is that the processor of the Mac Pro will be a further extension of the M1 that goes beyond the cores of the M1 Max. 

Since the 2021 MacBook Pros are faster than the 2019 Mac Pro, it isn’t crazy to think that the newest Mac Pro will be insanely fast and powerful. Gurman speculates that the Mac Pro may offer up to four M1 Max chips that run simultaneously, giving it 40 processor cores (32 performance, 8 efficiency), 128 graphics core, 64 Neural Engine cores, and access to as much as 256GB of memory according to Macworld’s calculations.

While Gurman does believe that the Intel chips will be removed from the new Mac Pro, Macworld's Jason Snell isn't entirely convinced. Snell alludes to the possibility of two Mac Pro releases with an Intel-based Mac Pro model alongside a silicon one. He reasons that Mac Pro may be unable to adopt silicon chips due to compatibility reasons. 

Speaking of compatibility, having the right monitor is essential to Mac Pro users. A 2021 Bloomberg report states that Apple is working on a new external monitor. The report concluded that it would be more affordable and less fancy than the Pro Display XDR as it would be geared more for consumers rather than professionals.

iMac: 27-Inch MiniLED Screen with ProMotion

Most Apple rumors come from analysts or known leakers; what makes this one so unique is that it comes from Ross Young, a Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO! Ross tweeted that we will see a new iMac in the first quarter of 2022. It will be a 27" MiniLED screen with a 24Hz - 120Hz variable refresh. This is 3" bigger than the 2021 24” iMac with a retina screen with a 50Hz to 60Hz variable refresh. He also told 

After 25 years in the display industry, Young seems to be a reliable source. We just wish he would have given us an idea about the 2022 iMac resolution. We’re hoping it’s 5K like the current 27-inch iMac or even better! He did tell MacRumors that the new iMac will feature ProMotion.

MacBook Pro: 14 Inches with a New M2 Chip

It seems weird to be talking about new MacBook Pros just months after releasing the most recent 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros, but people are already talking about it! Dylan tweeted that there will be a MacBook Pro 14 with a new M2 chip released in the second half of 2022. Dylan says it will be slightly more expensive than the M1 MacBook Pro 13.

Will 2022 be the year when we see new a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro? We sure hope so! New tech is always exciting, and Apple's announcements are highly anticipated events here at iPhone Life. What are you hoping to see released this spring? Leave a comment below; we'd love to hear what you think! To get Apple updates and how-to tips, sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter.

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