Apple Features Celebrities in iPhone 6s Commercials

Apple Features Celebrities in iPhone 6s Commercials

Apple has been on a commercial releasing frenzy, which would be irritating if they weren’t so darn short and cute. This time, the company is featuring the new iPhone 6s, likely getting ready for the holiday season. I don’t mind; watching Bill Hader eat a sandwich and talk to Siri is my kind of commercial.

As promised, Siri helps Bill Hader reply to Prince Oseph and his “millions of currency”, promoting the new Hands Free with Siri feature of the iPhone 6s.


Jamie Foxx promotes the same Hands Free feature in another recent commercial asking Siri, “How do I look?” To which the sassy AI replies, “Judging from your voice, I’d say you must be fairly attractive.”


In Flip a Coin, Siri helps Jamie Foxx pick which movie script he should choose, “Hey Siri, flip a coin” “Tails.” “Sci-fi Western it is.”


Last but not least, Apple shows off the new Live Photos feature of the iPhone 6s in Half Court with NBA star Steph Curry.


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