How to Care for Your iPhone or iPad Battery

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Apple makes a distinction between battery life and battery lifespan. There are things you can do to make sure your battery has enough juice to last throughout the day. But Apple and others also give advice on how you can avoid damaging your battery so that it has a long lifespan. Every battery will degrade in performance over time, but following these tips will help you avoid damaging your battery.

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How to Care for Your iPhone or iPad Battery

  • Avoid temperature extremes, especially heat — Your battery is designed to work the best between the temperatures of 62° to 72° F (16–22 C). If you expose your device to temperatures higher than 95°, you can cause damage to your battery, such that it won't last as long between charges. Good practice is to simply not leave your iPhone in the sun or a hot car in Summer.
  • Avoid leaving your battery in a case when charging — Some cases can retain heat and cause your iPhone or iPad to overheat during charging. To be safe, it's best to remove it from the case. I admit that I personally never do this, but I imagine it would matter more when using a bulkier protective cases.
  • Use the latest version of iOS — If you’re concerned about bugs, wait until the update has been given the thumbs-up by bloggers like us. But always update, because each update typically brings improvements in battery efficiency. And the more efficient your battery, the less it's used. And the less it's used, the longer its lifespan. Remember, we’re not talking battery life here, which is also affected by updates.
  • Charge your battery regularly — Experts say it's best to keep it charged. You don't need to worry about over-charging it, because the charger is intelligent enough to recognize when the battery is full.

When Storing Your Device

  • If storing your device for a long period, store it at half charge — If you aren't going to be using your iPhone or iPad for a period of weeks or months, store it at 50 percent. If you store it when it's empty, you can cause damage such that it will no longer charge. If you store it at 100 percent, this could decrease its daily capacity. If you're storing it for a very long period, bring the charge back up to 50 percent after six months.
  • Power down your device before storing it — In addition to storing it at 50 percent, power down your device before storing it.
  • Store your device at a temperature less than 90° — Since heat can cause damage, it's important to ensure your device isn't exposed to high temperatures during long-term storage. Also, the environment should be moisture-free.

Outdated Practices for Taking Care of Your Battery

  •  Avoid completely draining your battery — Newer iPhone batteries mean this isn’t a problem anymore. But if you have an older iPhone, you may want to continue this practice.
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