Trip Guider: Complete Travel Experience in Your Pocket

Travel guides are one of the things that you should not leave home without when traveling. Thankfully, you no longer have to whip out book guides or large maps and make it obvious that you are lost or a tourist, as everything a you needs can now fit in your pockets.

Trip Guider is a travel guide from eTips which offers more than the usual travel app. From large cities to offbeat tracks, it customizes your tours according to even before you start your journey.

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It is loaded with cool features which will satisfy your wanderlust:

  • Augmented Reality — instantly boosts your visual experience by giving you a 3D view and descriptions of the places of interests in a location.
  • Multilingual Exclusive Content  Your travel advice comes in 12 languages!
  • Metro Maps  set your origin and destination and let Trip Guider lead the way through the city’s public transportation system.
  • Places2Go  What to eat? Where to shop? When to party? Questions answered.
  • Daily Itineraries  tag the places you plan to visit and Trip Guider prepares the trip for you depending on the number of days you will be staying.
  • Offline Maps  no need for Internet connection means stress-free wanderings. 

To get started, simply tap the destination of your choice and enjoy all the features and benefits of the app. Each week, Trip Guider adds in more destinations so you can explore more.

Whether it be Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, or Hollywood, don’t forget your ultimate travel companion, download Trip Guider for free in the App Store today!

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