Top Charging Cords That Are Virtually Indestructible

When you buy your iPhone, or other iDevice, a charging cord is included. However, it doesn’t take long before that cord begins to show some wear and tear. When it stops working altogether, you want to replace it with a cord that will last forever. More and more companies are coming out with iPhone charging cords that are virtually indestructible. And while you may spend a little more now on a new cord, you’ll save yourself money, and a lot of headaches, later on. Here are the top charging cords for iPhone that are virtually indestructible.

Titan ($35)

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The Titan charging cord is made of industrial-grade cable and is wrapped in two layers of flexible, high-strength steel. There’s no chance of frayed cables or teeth marks from puppies with this cord. Titan is also back by a limited lifetime warranty, and you can watch a video on the website of a chainsaw attempting to cut it half, to no avail.


MOS Spring ($19.95)

If you prefer a cable that’s flexible like a regular cable but is made of the best material, MOS Spring is another great option. This cable is covered in woven fabric and has springs around either end to protect the areas where fraying happens most. The heads are made of Aluminum and it’s available in four different lengths. The price varies on the length you want to buy, but MOS provides a lifetime warranty on every cable they sell.


Snakable ($29.99)

Snakable uses its patent-pending strain relief assembly on either side of the cord to prevent the biggest problem cords have: fraying. The cord comes in various ‘elemental’ colors, and while the company makes no claim to the cord being indestructible, it does offer a three year warranty to back up Snakable’s no-fray promise.


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