Review: Moshi iGlaze Ion Battery Case

I'm always on the lookout for the best iPhone 6 battery cases and I've always been happy with Moshi phone cases in general, so I was happy to try the new Moshi iGlaze Ion Battery Case for iPhone 6 and 6s ($99.95). It's quick to charge up and quick to power up your phone. The outer charging case can be removed when you don't need it, leaving the slim and beautiful inner shell to protect your iPhone 6 or 6s. 

In addition to being a solidly built case, the iGlaze Ion charges an iPhone faster than any other battery case I've seen. With a 2,750 mAh battery, the iGlaze Ion case will recharge your battery from 15% to 100% in just under two hours. Of course, that's without using your phone's Wi-Fi or cell signal. When I continued to use my phone while running errands (using a grocery list app and iMessage) it took about two hours and thirty minutes to charge. The good thing is that while it charges, I have the option to continue using my phone—it's not plugged into a wall somewhere. The iGlaze Ion adds weight (about 4.5 ounces), but it's still comfortable to hold and use. 

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To charge your phone, slide it into the iGlaze Ion case. When the charging is complete, just slide your phone out of the battery case. I love that you don't have to carry around the heavier charging case after your phone is finished charging. 

Moshi Battery Case

A great product to use with the iGlaze Ion battery case is the Rewind Dual USB charger ($24.95). The Rewind charger not only protects your device from power surges, it also contains a built-in cable-management system. Though the extra plastic makes the Rewind charger feel a bit less solid than I'd like, I like that it's a lighter weight than most other wall chargers; it makes a big difference when traveling! 

When using the Rewind wall charger to charge the iGlaze Ion, it took just under two hours to fully charge. 

But get this: if you charge an iPhone 6 and the iGlaze Ion at the same time (using the 2.1A Rewind charger), it takes two hours and forty five minutes to charge them completely.   

As someone who often uses several portable phone chargers during press trips, this makes the the iGlaze Ion one of the best iPhone 6 battery cases I've tried. 

In the box: The iGlaze Ion battery case comes with both an inner shell case and the separate charging case. The iGlaze Ion iphone 6 battery case is available in titanium and black.


  • Fast charging–of both the battery case and the iPhone it's powering up
  • Slim yet protective design


  • Works with the included inner shell and iGlaze Napa case. I'd love to see Moshi's other cases become compatible with this iPhone 6 battery case!

Final Verdict

I can easily charge both my phone and the iGlaze Ion in just a few hours and be set for hours of events without carrying around multiple portable chargers. This battery case is definitely heading to the Consumer Electronics Show with me in January.  

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