How to Pair Headphones with an Apple TV


How to Pair Headphones with an Apple TV

If you've ever wondered, "Can you pair headphones with an Apple TV," then you'll want to check out this tip. Pairing your Apple TV with Bluetooth headphones is simple if you know where to look. Apple TV is striving to be your one-stop box for all things TV, movies, and video. But you may not want the sound of your Apple TV disturbing the people around you (or a baby sleeping in the next room.) Luckily, with a 4th-generation or later Apple TV, you can pair headphones with Bluetooth headphones like you would any other Apple device. Here’s how to pair headphones with an Apple TV.

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Unfortunately, you can’t pair Bluetooth headphones with older generations of Apple TV. But your wireless headphones will pair perfectly with newer models, starting with the 4th generation.

To pair your Bluetooth headphones to Apple TV:

  1. Put your Bluetooth wireless headphones in pairing mode. For most headphones, this means simply turning them on and making sure they aren’t connected to another device.
  2. On your Apple TV, open Settings.
  3. Select Remotes & Devices.
  4. Choose Bluetooth.

  5. Apple TV will look for Bluetooth devices. When your device appears, select it.

Your Bluetooth device should now be paired with Apple TV. It’s basically the same process as other Apple devices, which makes it easy to remember. While this works great for wireless Bluetooth headphones, you can also use this tip to pair Bluetooth speakers with your Apple TV.


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