How to Change Your Apple ID Password on iPhone

It’s time to get acquainted with the ins and outs of how to change your Apple ID password. In a nutshell, your Apple ID password is what you use to access iTunes, share photos via iCloud, utilize iMessage—the list goes on. But fear not, changing your Apple ID password on iPhone need only require a few easy steps. Whether you’ve forgotten your Apple ID password or want to reset your Apple password for security purposes, knowing how to manage your Apple ID will save you from any potential tech snafus down the road. (Pro Tip: Just so there’s no confusion here, your Apple ID password on your iPhone is the same thing as your iTunes Password and iCloud password. It is not, however, the same as your Notes password.) 

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Please note that you can only reset your Apple ID password from an iOS device if the device is running iOS 10 or later and you have two-factor authentication and a device passcode enabled. If you don't have the option to change your Apple ID password from your iPhone or other iOS device, you can reset your Apple password on your Apple ID account page.

Step 1: Finding Your Apple ID Settings

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings and select your name at the very top of the screen (beneath your name, it should read Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store). 
  • While resetting your Apple ID password on your iPhone is a breeze, this first step is one that’s easy to overlook. (Don’t go looking for a list item called Apple ID on your iPhone; you won’t find it!)

Step 2: Reset your Apple ID Password

  • Once you’ve selected your name in Settings, you’ll want to select Password & Security on the following screen.
  • If the top of your screen reads Apple ID, then you’ll know that you’re on the road to an Apple ID password reset.

Step 3: Changing Your Apple ID Password

  • Conveniently located toward the top of the Password & Security screen on your iPhone, you’ll want to select Change Password. Just to reiterate: This is where you’ll want to go the next time you need to change your Apple ID password, your iTunes password, or your iCloud password on your iPhone.
  • To confirm that you do indeed want to change or reset your Apple ID password, the following screen on your iPhone will prompt you to enter your numerical passcode (unless you don’t have a passcode that is).

Step 5: Entering Your New Apple ID Password

  • Once you’ve keyed in your passcode on your iPhone, type in your new Apple ID password, and re-enter it again to verify your new password.
  • Click on Change at the top left to confirm your new Apple ID password.
  • You'll also be prompted to sign out of all your devices and account if you think someone else has been using your previous password.

Step 6: Logging in with your New Apple ID Password

  • Log in with your Apple ID and your new Apple ID password. Now you’re all set!

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