Review: Eve Water Guard Leak Detector

smart water leak detector shown under sink

The HomeKit-enabled Eve product catalog continues to rapidly expand into a variety of home automation hardware, with the most recent being a smart Wi-Fi water sensor alarm that detects standing water. If you have ever experienced a leaking washing machine, dishwasher or overflowing sump pump, the Eve Water Guard ($79.95) is an ideal water leak detector to add to your Apple HomeKit-powered environment.

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Setting up the Eve Water Guard water leak detector is as simple as other Eve products. Simply plug it in, scan the QR code label affixed to the device and Apple HomeKit will automatically add it to your Home configuration. What provides the Eve Water Guard with its water leak detector capabilities is a specially wrapped 6.5 foot (2 meter) cable that attaches to the Eve Water Guard power brick. Additional water leak detector cables can be purchased to extend the length even further. When the cable comes into contact with water, the power brick base will act as a water sensor alarm, emitting a loud (100 decibel) sound while an internal LED flashes red. Additionally, a notification will be sent via HomeKit that the alarm has tripped. Most importantly, this messaging event can be used as a rule to trigger other home automation actions such as toggling lights on and off in other parts of the home in case the leak isn't in the room you're in at the time. Perhaps the best additional Eve product to accompany its Water Guard is the Eve Energy ($39.95) smart plug combined with a rule that will turn off the power to the water-ejecting culprit before additional water damage occurs.

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I configured this exact approach when testing the Eve Water Guard with my washing machine that has a tendency of the lint trap clogging up. This has previously resulted in my carpeted basement floor being converted into a giant sponge. With the Eve Water Guard water leak detector cable placed on the floor near ground zero of the leak and an Eve Energy smart plug powering the washing machine, I finally have peace of mind by not fretting over a potential disaster every time I do laundry.

While this configuration may initially seem an expensive solution to monitor those rare instances of water leaks, anyone who has had to replace water damaged carpeting, furniture, or drywall knows that this is a small price to pay compared to the potential expense, labor, and heartache that water damage can incur. I personally am resting easier knowing that not only will I be instantly alerted whenever my washing machine springs a leak, but also that Eve will greatly minimize potential water damage by switching off the washing machine to prevent further water ejection. For anyone in a similar situation, the Eve Water Guard combined with the Eve Energy smart plug are the most cost-effective Homekit-enabled devices you can buy today.

water sensor alarm


  • Instant water leak detection
  • Built-in water sensor alarm and warning light indicator
  • Easy installation and configuration


  • Really requires the addition of an Eve Energy smart plug to achieve maximum effectiveness
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