Buyer’s Guide 2022: Best Earbud Picks

For many of us, our earbuds are our most important traveling accessory. From making the morning commute a little less mundane, to avoiding separation anxiety from your most recent favorite album, having awesome earbuds is a top priority for many. We've rounded up a list of our five favorite, non-apple earbuds to help you upgrade your listening experience. Let's get into it!

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Five Best Earbuds for This Holiday Season 2022

1. Jabra Elite 4 Active ($119.99)

The Jabra Elite 4 Active earbuds are designed to stay securely in your ears while you work out, but are good for more than just exercise. These earbuds’ simple design eliminates the need for bulky stems. Since I love to wear earrings, I tend to avoid earbuds that can’t be comfortably worn with jewelry, which severely limits my options. Despite lacking stems, these earbuds have a powerful built-in microphone that produces crystal-clear audio on both ends of a call. The Jabra Sound+ app allows you to tune the equalizer to your preference to customize how you listen to your favorite songs.

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2. Ultimate Ears UE FITS ($199)

UE FITS are my favorite earbuds on this list because they mold perfectly to my ears, and they come in lilac purple. As someone who values quality tech, I find it frustrating that higher-end devices rarely come in unique colors and designs. While UE FITS may look like beautiful accessories, they are also impressively functional earbuds. These offer great sound and even better noise cancelation. I also appreciate the ability to customize the buttons and set them up to suit my needs. My only complaint is the bright light that makes these distracting in a dark environment.

3. EarFun Air Pro 2 ($79.99)

These wireless noise-canceling earphones are an affordable way to experience high-quality sound. With the Air Pro 2 earbuds, you can enjoy a more balanced sound that doesn’t over-emphasize the bass and treble yet still conveys the feeling of the music. The Air Pro2 offer great noise cancellation and come with six different ear tips, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit. They also have an impressive battery life of up to seven hours outside of their charging case. Finally, I love that these earbuds come with a pointed swab cleaning tool for a polished look.

4. TWIG PRO Earbuds by ODDICT  ($149)

TWIG PRO earbuds stand out from the crowd because of their sleek aluminum design. Not only do they look amazing, but their high sound quality is hard to match. The fast-charging case and decent battery life of up to 3 hours of music playing are comparable to Apple AirPods. However, I find the fit of the TWIG PROs to be a lot more comfortable than most other earbuds. The button on the stem is a convenient way to control the earbuds while I’m listening to music or taking a call. Plus, the ODDICT app is easy to use and makes customizing the audio easy so you can tune them to your preferred settings.

5. Master & Dynamic MW08 - ($299)

If you are looking for wireless earbuds with unbeatable battery life, then the Master & Dynamic MW08 should be your go-to. They are probably the only earbuds that can last an entire workday without a recharge. When it is time to charge, they reach up to 50 percent charge in just 15 minutes, which is faster than any other earbuds I’ve tried. The MW08 earbuds and their ceramic case look and feel luxurious, while the audio they play is clear and crisp. In addition to offering a noise-cancellation mode, they also have two ambient listening modes if you want to listen to music as well as the environment around you.

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