5 Beautiful Minimalist iPhone Charging Docks

Having an iPhone dock gives you a designated charging station with style. It can also serve as a good way to limit your own technology usage if you place your iPhone on the dock after work and leave it in place until morning. The best docks either charge multiple devices or use as little space as possible; here’s five beautiful iPhone docks for that and more.

Multi-Device Charging Station And Dock ($34.99)

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This Eco-friendly Bamboo charging station can hold all of your devices including iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. It’s perfect for the top of a workstation desk and stands everything up vertically to use the least amount of space. Even better, all your cords are discretely hidden in the bottom of the dock, allowing your charging station to remain clutter-free.


M2 Stand ($24.49)

This is solely a stand and charging dock for iPhone, but it would make a perfect addition to a kitchen countertop or desktop. I say that because of the way the M2 stand holds the iPhone at a comfortable viewing angle. You can also turn your phone horizontally for watching Youtube videos. It comes in every color the iPhone is available in.


Grovemade Maple iPhone Dock ($99)

This is one of the more expensive iPhone docks you’ll likely find on the market, but the price is due to the materials. This Grovemade dock has a steel base with a hand-sanded Maple wood top. It seems to have a fairly small cutout for the phone, which is something to be aware of if your iPhone always has a bulky case. Overall, it’s probably one of the sturdiest docks around.


Driftwood iPhone Dock ($58.18)

I love these driftwood iPhone docks. There are multiple stores on Etsy that sell them with the wood being sourced from all over. This piece of driftwood was found in the UK somewhere along the coastline of the Northumberland beaches. The dock comes with a pre-installed lightning cable, but if you have a difference device you’d like to charge, the Etsy store owner is open to requests.


iPhone & Apple Watch Docking Station ($35)

This minimalist docking station takes up little space and charges both your iPhone and Apple Watch. The dock is also environmentally friendly and made from renewably grown Bamboo. Plus, this Etsy shop will engrave any initials into the dock making it the perfect gift.

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