How to Use the Diverse Emoji Keyboard on the iPhone & iPad

How to Use the Diverse Emoji Keyboard on iPhone or iPad

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A while back, Apple added more racial diversity to the faces on its emoji keyboard. While none of the emoticons or family groups offer options for different skin tones, the single human characters and body parts (hands, noses, etc.) all come with the diversity options. At this point, we’ve all seen Apple keyboard emojis in all their diversity, but not everyone knows how to use or change what emoji they select. Here’s how to use the diverse emoji keyboard on iPhone or iPad.

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To do this:

  • Open the Messages app. Access the Emoji keyboard by tapping on the smiley or globe icon at the bottom left of the keyboard.

  • This brings up your emoji keyboard. Scroll through until you find a single human character or body part emoji you want to use.

  • The first time you tap on one of the characters, a pop-up menu will show five different skin tones in addition to the default yellow. Once you select a skin tone, it will be the default skin tone for that particular emoji unless you press and hold the emoji to select a different default skin tone

Have fun using the diverse options of emoji!

Top Image Credit: LOFTFLOW / Shutterstock

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