5 Best Apps for iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro is out and available for order. There’s much talk as to whether or not the iPad Pro can replace your PC, but the answer to that question could very well change over time as more apps are optimized with the iPad Pro in mind. Some developers are ahead of the game and have already released apps to show-off the new iPad’s capabilities. Here are five of the best iPad apps you can download now.

Essential Anatomy 5 ($24.99)

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Demoed at Apple’s Keynote in September, Essential Anatomy 5 is ideal for medical students and avid learners. It’s available across multiple devices, but the size of the iPad Pro screen is what allows this app to shine. Featuring over 8,200 structures, Essential Anatomy is the golden standard of reference apps.


AutoCad 360 (Free)


This is another app where the iPad Pro’s size really comes in handy. AutoCad is essential across multiple industries and professions. The better apps like this become, the more likely the iPad Pro could replace a laptop.  AutoCad 360 has many free features, but there’s a Pro version available for those who want to make the mobile transition.


Procreate ($5.99)

I’d be remiss not to include Procreate. For $5.99 you’re getting a superior pro drawing and sketching app. Use this awesome app plus the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and it’s an artists’ dream. You can tell how much people love to use this app just from reading the comments, with may dumbfounded that they’ve paid so little for a desktop quality app.


LiquidText (Free)

The perfect app for students and researchers. Compatible with PDF and multiple document files, this app allows you to mark-up, annotate, and highlight a document with ample organization. Basically, whichever way is easiest for you to focus on a document, this app will allow you to do that.


Omni Productivity Pack ($149)


The ultimate productivity app pack. You can get the Omni apps separately if the $149 is too much, but together the pack covers diagramming, project planning, outlining, and task management. This bundle is certainly for those with serious focus, but it’s a great convenience to have it all in one package and platform.

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