Review: VogDuo 30W Travel Wall Charger

I have a new travel companion. VogDuo has delivered what is perhaps the ideal travel charger. The VogDuo Charger Pro 3-Port USB Wall Charger ($49.99) is thin, powerful, and adaptive. And my evaluation unit is cherry red, just like Elon Musk’s car heading out to the asteroid belt.

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The most important feature is the three Type-A USB ports that are all capable of charging a tablet. This means that it can essentially charge any three things at the same time: cameras, phones, Bluetooth headsets, etc.

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The foldable, swiveling AC prong brings the second best feature. Unlike chargers that just fold the prongs and then extend them at 90-degrees, the VogDuo charger tilts 270-degrees as needed to accommodate almost any socket configuration, including conference table power centers, overfilled power strips or space challenged wall sockets.

Finally, it’s thin. It will fit into bags without adding bulk. It’s just a little thicker than an iPhone so it will fit into many of the pouches in backpacks and briefcases designed to hold phones and cables.

And its already ready for international use (with an adapter, not included) as its ready to convert up to 240V AC.

My only complaint? The plastic in the packaging wasn't labeled with recycle logos so it went to the landfill rather than the recycling center. I continue to encourage all manufacturers to adopt fully recyclable packaging.

Final Verdict

The Charger Pro 3-Port  USB Wall Charger is thin, powerful (charges three tablets at a time), and adaptive (270 degrees of swivel). It charges fast and looks good. It’s not a cherry red Tesla, but its as close as a portable charger will likely ever come.

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