How to Open Apple Music on a Mac with Finder

Easily open the Apple Music app and other audio files from your Mac Finder.

The Mac Finder might be the most undervalued app on your computer. Finder allows you to search, find, and open any application or file saved on your computer. In this tip we'll show you how to open Apple Music on a Mac from your Finder, plus how to open audio files that have not been imported into your music library.

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How to Open Apple Music on a Mac with Finder

The Music app icon is typically also located in the Dock at the bottom of your screen. However, if you're not seeing it on your Dock, this section will help you to find the Music app using your Mac Finder. You can then use these steps to find other applications you're looking for!

  1. Click the Finder icon to open Finder. 

  2. Click on Applications

  3. You can either scroll through the list of apps or click the search bar to type in the name of the Music app.

  4. Double-click the Music app to open it.

If you need to open a specific audio file that you don't see in the Music app, keep reading.

How to Open Audio Files with the Mac Finder

I typically store most of my audio files in the Music app. However, audio files are not always imported into the Music app by default—they can be stored in other folders on your Mac. For example, I sometimes save helpful workshop audios in my Documents folder with my other project files. Here's how to open audio files with Finder.

Use the following steps to use Finder to open an audio file in your desired media player:

  1. Click the Mac Finder icon to open it. 

  2. Click the folder where you have your audio saved. For me, this is the Documents folder.

  3. If you prefer, you can also search for the file name using the search bar in the top-right corner.
  4. If you want to open the audio file with the Music app, double-click the file name.

  5. If you want to open the audio file using another app, such as QuickTime Player, control-click on the file and select Open With.
  6. Click on the program you'd like to use to open the file. 

Try these same steps next time you're looking for an app or file. Finder makes navigating your Mac's apps and files much simpler!

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